Team Dragonstone in Game of Thrones Season 4 


“fire to relight the life you lost, and stones to weigh out the heavy cost” (x)

game of thrones as the real housewives of westeros




asoiaf challenge most accurately portrayed character(s)

      → melisandre, stannis and davos

#ot3#also i just realized that stannis’ strike your banners speech was quoted word for word from the book#they do a lot of things right in the show#and I think we need to remember that Stannis wasn’t the most enjoyable in a clash of kings#he had his good points but it isn’t until a storm of swords he really becomes heroic#and the best candidate for king currently in westeros#so I think we all need to relax#and they’ll make him more likable as the series progresses#as long as pressed dany fanboy dan weiss doesn’t ruin him#just let david benioff write for him

Reblogging again for the tags because they speak the truth. I know I forget that Stannis was unlikable for a lot of fans in ACOK, so I have to try to force myself to calm down, especially since the best is still yet to come. But it is easy to get swept up sometimes.


 #well he’s got stannis/davos #and stannis/mel #and of course mel/davos hatesex #and stannis/mel/davos #not to mention how selyse fits into all of this #so i’d say that’s a pretty good start