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my current life goal is to play dragon age inquisition, everything else is irrelevant.

if you write random shit under my edits you're fucking dead to me (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

Oh, sorry, I'm not trying to be offensive - I just such a caustic person it probably comes out that way. Honest apologies - emotions run high over football. I get it.

Hey, no hard feelings, everything’s fine. And yes to the part about the emotions, I nearly cried at the end of the match ;_____;

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civilizationsofpurethought replied to your post: how do you feel about Greece defeating Russia at Euro?

I have a friend who’s from Russia who’s always mocking me about England. Bitch, at least we haven’t been beaten by Greece

what a comforting comment, I feel so loved rn

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